The emotional compass

What is the emotional compass?

A deep conversation about your current life situation and the associated challenges such as conflicts, decisions or unfulfilled wishes and longings.

In order to be able to deal with life's challenges and difficulties in the best possible way, we need a clear orientation, values ​​and priorities, which we only have in a deep contact with our inner truth.

You can deepened the contact with your inner voice even more, so that you can navigate yourself even better back to your inner truth. 

Who is the emotional compass for?

  • People who need support to better sense the direction their inner voice points like a signpost.
  • People who are at a crossroads/crossing point in life and need advice to see/feel more clearly in which direction their inner voice wants to go.
  • Particularly useful for people whose minds have so far made the contact with their inner voice difficult
  • People who are faced with a life decision or situation that seems complex and in which they need an inner voice enhancer.

How much does it cost:
Only you know how useful our conversation was for you. You can judge for yourself how much you can give me for it.
The recommended compensation amount is between 40 and 70 EUR.

in a cafe in Berlin of our choice
gerne auch online per Zoom

I look forward to your request via violetakoleva [at] abv [dot] bgto make an appointment together.