About me

Violeta Koleva is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria and has been living in Germany since 2012. In 2018 her first poetry book "Memoirs of a Flower" was published in Bulgaria. Since then, she has been performing regularly on stage with musicians and dancers in various formats, combining her poetry with music from different artists.

Violeta Koleva likes to combine the power of written words with the energy of sounds. She uses poetry as a means of expression of the truths of life gained through her own experiences. In addition, she accompanies various artistic projects as a percussionist with djembe, tombac and frame drum.

Her years of experience in improvisation theater opened the way for Violeta to the method of Psychodrama. Rather unknown, this term stands for a psychotherapy method based on the basics of improvisational theater and group therapy. Her passion for self-reflection motivates Violeta to use the techniques learned in working with other people to enable them to find their way to themselves.